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The Begining

Back to 1952, Mr.Sang Sangthammarat (Yong Hui, Ngow) left from Shantou, China to settlement in Thailand with his family. On that times he start his career in Thailand by doing bookkeeping and tax filing for some small and medium shops around China Town area (Yaowarat) in Bangkok. 


With his connection on many Chinese entrepreneurs, his jobs became over full with more new clients who trust on him by his personal character and his ability.


A few years later, he set a new office on Bantad-thong Road called "Sangthammarat Office" for bookkeeping and tax filing to the government.

The first "Sangthammarat Office" at Bantad-thong Road

Mr.Prateep Sangthammarat (Founder Partner)


After graduated from Thammasat university on major Accounting year 1961, Mr.Prateep Sangthammarat (Mia Meng, Ngow) started his career in accounting manager for many years. With experience on his job to solve many problems include tax and accounting, he and his father (Mr.Sang Sangthammarat) founded "Sangthammarat Accounting Partnership" on 1976 for accounting service to their clients.

With the raising a number of clients after he has got Certified Public Auditor, Mr.Prateep adopt "Sangthammarat Accounting Partnership" to brand name P.S.Accounting Co.,Ltd. on 1982 to provide a full service to clients and setup new office at Thewet junction, Luk Luang Road which is the workplace until now.

From Local to Global

Since many years after P.S.Accounting Co.,Ltd. was founded, we're growing up with a new clients every years both local and oversea. We deliver the best quality service which guarantee by "the Quality Accounting Practice" mark from the Department of Business Development under  the Ministry of Commerce Thailand (based on ISO9001 : 2008 standard) that we have got it since 2011. We also a member of Morison KSi (former KS International) which is a global associate for accounting firm since 2013. On 2016, we are the host of international conference in Bangkok. Now a day, we move forward to grow up our business with global expertise.  

Mosiron KSi International Conference 2016 (Tony is in the photo)

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